Interview with a Learner

Interview with a Learner – Josh Riches

Joshua Riches; happy, kind and persistent. Joshua is a student who has been putting in consistent effort to improve his learning over a long period of time. When I first met Josh, he was a small bundle of tears; literally. He was so anxious about coming to tutoring he felt unable to cope. He was unable to read, and felt terrible about his school work. This is a FAR sight from the happy young man we have working with us now. Joshua makes us proud. He never gives up, he never complains and the amount of work he has covered is remarkable. And not only is Josh a wonderful student, he is also a special person in my daughter’s life (you’ll see later).


What grade are you in?

What do you like to do when you are not at school?
Play computer games, ride my bike or scooter at the park.

What is the best thing about school for you?
Seeing my friends.

What are you good at, at school?

Why did you start coming to Back to Basics Tuition?
I needed help in spelling, reading and maths.

What do you like about Back to Basics Tuition. 
That I get help when doing tuition if I don’t understand it.

What are you most proud of with your learning?
That I can understand subjects I wasn’t sure about.

What would you like to be when you grow up?
A helicopter pilot.


In Mum’s words

What was your reason for seeking tuition?
Joshua needed help as he was progressively falling behind at school. He was in tears each night trying to do homework.

What made you choose Back to Basics Tuition?
The one-on-one facility and using modern technology to help him engage in his work but still working WITH a tutor.

What accomplishments have you seen your child make since starting tuition?
He has exceeded in Math and Reading. He is a lot happier.


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