Rambles in motherhood

From Gem Douglas @themotherhoodprojectnz

“As a mother you might feel you aren’t valued or appreciated much right now because your life is so different to what it was before…or feel you don’t have any type of life outside your family and four walls. The thing is, we all feel like this at times, your friends have felt it too.
This little person of yours values, appreciates and regards you as the most important thing in their entire world right now. They just don’t show it in ways we are used to – but if you watch close enough they show it in the most beautiful ways… by the look in their eye when they stare at you, when they reach for you, in the way they call for you and ONLY you to comfort them, in the way they show you all of their emotions as you are their safe place, and can fall asleep on you the fastest – because, like you, they instinctively remember being a part of you.
You will connect with your friends again and have space to make new ones. You and your partner will have time to connect as a couple again.
You will have your own space again, and you will grow, love and blossom into your new self, ALL IN TIME – I promise, and you will owe your beautiful transformation to them.♥️”

My girl. She’s been like clingwrap lately. It’s not surprising given the move half way around the world.

She reaches for me all the time. Right up in my face. Holding my hand to walk from the door to the car. Wanting me to lay with her every night.

Sometimes it feels suffocating.

Sometimes I just need some clear space, the room to breathe and something of my own.

And then I remind myself how lucky I am that this creature reaches for me. That this incredible child wants to be close, wants to share the same space.

That she finds her wholeness within me.

I am her safe place. She is my honour.

Photo by Carly Webber: @carlywebberdotcom

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