A hotchpotch of learning

If we’re counting in school weeks, it’s currently week 8.

But I’m learning not to count in school weeks.

I’m learning that much of this early home-schooling journey is actually about the unlearning of my own expectations. Unlearning my own habits. Unlearning my own anxiety around what learning looks like, and what it should look like for her.

I spent the first few weeks joining online home-school groups, distance-education groups, remote-learning groups. I took time to learn about the laws, rules, and expectations around home-schooling. I looked at loads of various curriculum samples and reporting samples. It was all starting to look a lot like, ‘school.’

I learnt about unschooling and de-schooling, I learn there are dozens of Distance Education schools in our area and I learnt the difference between home-schooling and distance education. I learnt that as with most things we encounter in our family, no one way is right for us. I learnt that the community is actually pretty big and very helpful.

Indi’s friends went back to school to begin their new school year, but we decided to take it slowly. I started to understand that one of the privileges of our situation is that I know how to listen to my child. I know how to hear what she is not able to articulate, I know how to read her, and I know how to teach her in the moment. I started to let go of my need to have lesson times, and to meet someone else’s rule about time assigned to subject matter. I started to listen to my instincts and follow her lead.

Our days ebb and flow. We cover everything; math, science, history, reading, writing, movement, health, wellbeing, life skills (e.g. cooking, food shopping, ), visual art, music and a whole lot more. She interacts with people outside of our family most days, and she still plays with her friends. We discuss ideas and thoughts. We talk about politics, cryptocurrencies, investing. We play games, we shop together. I watch a LOT of MHA and random memes that she finds hilarious. And some days we do nothing. The nothingness is in response to her overwhelm, or her capacity at the time. The nothingness is a privilege of home-schooling; in my learning to let go of what education looks like, I am able to respond to her needs, I am able to respond to her intuitive being.

And it feels so right. We are happy. We are healthy. We are ‘world learning’.

2 thoughts on “A hotchpotch of learning

  1. Love the concepts of unschooling and deschooling. As you say you and Indie will figure out what’s important to learn at different times. Continue to fight the urge to bow to some unknown deciderd of what learning should be taught when. Am definitely excited about watching this journey evolve. Much respect to you Kate. Karyn x


    1. Thank you, Karyn! It’s definitely an urge I have to fight at different times, but I am finding the sense of freedom growing stronger. Our happiness is worth it xx


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