Three weeks and one day.

Three weeks, and one day. That’s how long it took her to unwind from the end of the school year. And it was not that I was counting. I wasn’t even aware until the day I realized she was singing again. The day she began transitioning from activity to activity without any fuss, again. The day she was watching the iPad while crafting at the same time. The day she was assisting with jobs at home without any fuss. But mostly, because on this day, she was singing again.

The weeks prior were survival mode for her. Eating the minimum and only if the food was prepared by us, mostly staying in her room and watching her favourite shows and YouTubers over and over. Reluctance to transition, mutterings, annoyance, lack of interest in anything outside her room, and fighting against simple hygiene tasks.

However on the morning of Christmas Eve, her singing returned. And with her song, came her spark. “Mumma, I haven’t been excited for Christmas. I didn’t really care about it. It’s weird. Every other year I have, but not this year. But today, I’m excited again!”

And as she joyfully went about her day I realized it had taken her this long to unwind. It’s not necessarily that it means anything in particular, but as a good Guidance Officer friend of mine says when we are analyzing results, “it’s interesting.”

1 thought on “Three weeks and one day.

  1. Elizabeth Lithgow January 2, 2021 — 9:06 pm

    This makes for interesting reading and food for thought. how many other children are dealing with this out there and how can we support them.


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